The Process

Changing Things is an open-source novel about a Japanese monster living his final days in anonymity in a 21st century mega-metropolis. Much of my process will be on public display, transparent, malleable, and hungry for participation. Notes, scenes, stories, ideas, characters will all take shape in full view: from confused early concepts with all the problems that come along with it, to aspects of the finished work. I will also be running a Patreon account, where patrons will have even more access to work-in-progress and finished sections.

Anyone who wants to can work in the evolving universe of Changing Things to offer support and criticism, watch and ask questions, and most importantly to create spin-off content: stories, characters, artwork, music or whatever your limitless hearts desire!

The central novel of Changing Things will slowly emerge over the next two or three years. Final publication will include accompanying books and other materials featuring the best selected collaborator content, both in print and online, curated by us but owned by the participants who made them.

Here’s how it works.