Patreon Launch

The Changing Things (TCT) is the story of 47 ancient monsters who gave up immortality to become human. All they wanted was to die in peace. But as old memories resurface, the 47 are drawn back into community and forced to face their true nature.

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The characters of The Changing Things have taken on many forms over the centuries: monsters, dogs, dragons, kitchen appliances, trees, bridges, creatures of the deep, memories, desires, and even ideas. They were the bakemono of Japanese folklore, beaten down by the modern world. They chose to change one last time, to become human and drift blissfully into death. But now something is waking them up.

TCT’s interwoven side-plots include a girl exploited by a narcissistic pop music producer, a man who wants to lose his arms and legs, a real life super hero trying to balance a normal life, an institution on the verge of discovering a new sense, a transmortalism cult looking for the keys to eternal life, an ugly man irresistible to women, a woman in love with a tree, a religious plot to overthrow the government from within. It’s a baroque and gritty plunge down a rabbit hole of broken-hearted, paranoid, and often marginalized outcasts facing the profound possibility of supernatural ancestral origins.