I first saw Isogashii on images of the Hyakki Yagyo EmakiI can’t say what drew me to him originally. Something in the face, I think. I needed a charming sort of ugliness for my main yokai in The Changing Things, and when I saw Isogashii, I knew he was the one.

Well, it turned out I couldn’t have made a worse choice, research-wise. Very little is known about this yokai and there seem to be no associated folk tales as far as I can tell. It was nice to have liberties, but I has hoping for some foundation to draw from.

Hone Karakasa

The Hone Karakasa belongs to my favorite class of yokai: the tsukumogami. Turns out ordinary household items will become animated by a spirit if they survive 100 years. I guess without being totally destroyed. 

One of the main characters in The Changing Things started out life as a teapot. I can’t imagine a more perfect existence, but he wants more and moves on to experience a variety of incarnations.